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We are very familiar with our local mosquitos in Lake County and will help you get control of the problem.

Mosquitos are a nuisance and carry harmful diseases such as the west nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and others.  In Florida the natural way to control mosquito’s are through bats and dragonfly’s. The problem is most of use don’t have bats and dragonfly’s living in our yards.  Kipp’s Pest Control will help you reduce mosquito populations around your home by inspecting your property and identifying breeding areas.  Breeding areas (standing water) need to be reduced or eliminated. We will treat the breeding areas if they cannot be eliminated. We also reduce the amount of adult mosquitos by fogging around your property.  This is a very useful method of minimizing the mosquito population around your property immediately before you host an outdoor event.

Top tips for minimizing mosquito breeding around your home in Lake County

  • Keep gutters clean and unclogged.

  • Drill holes in the bottom of pots , recycling bins and garbage cans.

  • Keep swimming pools clean and chlorinated.

  • Dump anything that can hold water twice per week

  • Get professional help to implement mosquito fogging treatments and standing water treatments

mosquito treatment
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